Rajasthan is celebrating 63rd Foundation Day

Today Rajasthan is celebrating its 63rd foundation day. Various programmes are being organized in Rajasthan on this occasion. His report says: "On 30th March 1949 Rajasthan was formed after merger of 22 princly states.The process of merger was continued till 1956.

Rajasthan is the biggest state of the country and entrepreneurship of Rajasthanis is well accepted all around the globe.This year, week long Rajasthan Day celebrations are being organized in the state. Exhibitions on development are going on in districts while symposiums,Kavi Sammelans ,Theatre festival and cultural programmes are being organized at capital Jaipur.

Craft Bazar and Rajasthani food Cort is also attracting local people as well as foreign tourists. Today, a colourful presentation of folk dances will also be organized in Jaipur in the evening.
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