British Scientist Francis Crick’s Nobel Prize sold for 2.27m US Dollar at the Auction

British scientist Francis Crick’s Nobel Prize was sold for 2.27m US dollar at the auction in New York. Francis Crick won the Nobel Prize for discovery of DNA. The Nobel Prize was bought by CEO of a Shanghai-based biomedical firm, Jack Wang.

Francis Crick won the Nobel Prize for discovery of DNA in 1962. His discovery of structure of DNA molecule made it possible to analyse the functioning of the human beings.

In yet another auction, the letter written by Francis Crick was sold for 5.3m US dollar. In this letter, Crick described his discovery of double helix shape of DNA to his 12-year old son.

The sales will be beneficial from scientific research point of view. Some part of the proceeds of auction will help in funding the medical research institute in London which is named in the honour of Crick.

Crick had discovered structure of DNA with two more scientists, Maurice Wilkins and James Watson. All these scientists had won the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

This is just the second time that any Nobel medal was sold in a public auction.
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