Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuelan Presidential poll

In Venezuela, the Socialist candidate Nicolas Maduro has won a narrow victory in Presidential poll.

Mr Maduro, who was chosen by the late President Hugo Chavez, won 50.7 per cent of the vote against 49.1 per cent for opposition candidate Henrique Capriles. The electoral commission said the results were irreversible.

Moments after Mr Maduro's victory was announced, celebrations started across the capital Caracas. Following the announcement, Mr Maduro acclaimed his victory as fair and legal and called for calm.

The Venezuelan opposition candidate for the Presidency Henrique Capriles has said he will not recognize the result of the election until all votes are counted.

At a press conference, a determined Mr Capriles said Nicholas Maduro was the defeated candidate and added that there were over three thousand incidents from Sunday's election that would need to be examined.

Mr Maduro had been serving as acting President since Mr Chavez died of cancer last month. He is due to be sworn in on 19th of this month and serve until January 2019 to complete the six-year term that Mr Chavez would have begun in January.
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