World Bank team lauds MP for Natn'l Livelihood Mission achievements

A team of World Bank has lauded Madhya Pradesh’s achievements under National Livelihoods Mission. 
In a meeting with Panchayat and Rural Developments officials in Bhopal team members stressed the need to promote innovations in the context of livelihoods activities in the state. 
They gave suggestion about appointing Bank-Mitras to provide banking facilities to rural beneficiaries easily. These Bank-Mitras will be selected from among members of self-help groups.
46 development blocks of 10 districts of the state have been covered under the project’s first phase. So far, 5,234 new self-help groups have been formed while 5,795 old self-help-groups have also been linked with the mission. Besides, 655 rural organisations have also been formed. 
Notable works have also been carried out towards revolving funds and providing bank linkage to groups. Baseline survey of 14 lakh beneficiaries in mission’s intensive activity areas is being carried out and details about their socio-economic condition are being compiled.
Similarly, village profiles of about 6000 villages are also being prepared. This initiative will help in exact assessment of positive change brought about in these families’ socio-economic condition after conclusion of Livelihoods Mission.
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