73 Million Youth Will Be Unemployed By 2013

According to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) ‘Global Unemployment Trends 2007-13 ‘ report , more than 73 million young people are unemployed around the world .The situation is particularly grim in the European Union, West Asia and North Africa.73.4 million people aged between 15 and 24 would be out of work at the end of the year an increase of 3.5 million since 2007.The youth unemployment rate in South Asia decreased in 2011 by 0.4 percentage points to reach 9.2 per cent, but increased to 9.3 per cent in 2012.The current jobless rate for the young of 12.6% was expected to keep swelling to 12.8% by 2018, when more than two million more youths would likely be out of work.
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