Cabinet Committee on UIDAI Approved Cost Estimates for Phase IV of UID Scheme

The Cabinet Committee on Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) on 9 May 2013 approved the cost estimates of Phase IV of the UID Scheme. The estimated cost of the scheme is around 3436 crore Rupees.

The cost includes different components of the projects such as the cost of enrolment for 40 crore other residents through different registrars, additional rent for the regional offices of UIDAI, data centres, non-data centres, cost of updation services, additional cost of the construction of buildings for the headquarters and cost of printing as well as delivering the Aadhaar cards.

The expenditure of this scheme includes:

• 1600 crore Rupees for cost of enrolment of other 40 crore residents
• 490 crore Rupees for the cost of updation services
• 1049 crore Rupees for cost of printing as well as delivering the Aadhaar letters
• 247.16 Crore Rupees towards the construction of buildings of headquarters, data centres as well as non-data centres

The Phase IV of the UID Scheme will begin with an immediate effect. The UID project was launched on 29 September 2010. Since then, over 31 crore residents have been issued with the UID numbers. By March 2014, additional 40 crore residents will be allocated the UID.

Under the UID project, all residents of the country are provided with the unique numbers. It is aimed at making sure that each and every Indian resident has a unique form of identity. UID numbers are also provided to the marginalized people, thereby providing equity. Apart from this, UID also ensures effective governance and better service delivery.
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