Puducherry Government launched Dairy Development Scheme

The Puducherry administration in Month of May 2013 launched a central government-sponsored scheme to promote dairy activities and to enhance socio-economic status of the farmers in the Union Territory.

Under the Rashtriya Kisan Yojana Scheme 400 beneficiaries have been selected in the first phase of which 27 have been extended a subsidy of 50000 Rupees each running to a total of 13.5 lakh Rupees. However, the rest would be sanctioned the amount in the next phase.

The scheme ideates distribution of 50 per cent subsidy for each farmer starting dairy projects. As per the scheme, each farmer is supposed to get 50000 Rupees to launch a mini-dairy project with three milch cows. This subsidy is meant to enable the farmers to purchase milch animals and meet part of the expenditure to raise infrastructure for cow shed.

The Government has also formulated a separate scheme to assist farmers living below poverty line and initially 47 farmers would be extended a total subsidy of 12500 each as 50 per cent subsidy for purchasing a milch cow.

The efforts were made to ensure improved milk production in Puducherry as there is a coiling demand for milk from different sectors.
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