Sri Lankan govt to go ahead with elections in Northern Provincial Council as scheduled

Sri Lanka’s Petroleum Industries Minister Anura Yapa has confirmed that the government will go ahead with its announcement of holding elections for the Northern Provincial Council in September.

Addressing the weekly Cabinet news briefing at the Information Department Yapa said government had no intention whatsoever to postpone the Northern Provincial Council polls or repeal the 13th Amendment as demanded by some alliance partners.

Meanwhile, Buddhist alliance party JHU has repeated its intention of introducing 19th Amendment to Constitution as a private members bill in parliament next week.

The bill that was made public yesterday, seeks to repeal the 13th Amendment that created the provincial councils and make the country a unitary state.

Indian Foreign Minister had warned earlier in the month against diluting or abolishing the 13th Amendment that seeks to create a federal structure within the country to meet the political aspirations of the Tamil community.

The 13th Amendment was brought as a result of India-Sri Lanka Accord in 1987.
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