Union Govt of India approved National Cyber Security Policy

The Union Government of India on 8 May 2013 approved a National Cyber Security Policy with an aim to create a secured computing environment across the country. The Policy also aims towards building the capacities to strengthen the current set-up and increase the focus on manpower training.

The policy was approved by the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) that lays stress on augmentation of the India’s indigenous capabilities in terms of developing the cyber security set-up.

The policy also caters to every spectrum of ICT users and service providers as it includes home as well as small users, medium and large enterprises and government and non-government entities. The policy also aims at the creation of the cyber security framework to address all related issues pending over a long period. The set framework will also enhance the security posture of the countries cyber space via specific actions and programmes.

Cyber Security Policy will also help in enhancing the intelligence as its integral component and help in anticipating attacks and adopt, counter measures.
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