Govt plans to lay roads using plastic wastes for thousand km

The State Government has planned to lay roads using plastic wastes for a thousand km. In a suo moto statement at the State Assembly today, Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalilthaa said that already for the past two years out of the target of 1254 km of roads 1002 kms have been laid at a cost of Rs. 153 crores in rural areas of the state.

Listing out the various needs for maintenance of rural roads, she said that 917 Kilograms of plastic wastes were used for laying and maintaining of these roads. She said that it was cost effective and long lasting for rural areas.

A specific fund named maintenance of rural roads is to be set up at a cost of Rs.400 crores under the thirteenth finance commission. The Chief Minister Ms. Jayalalithaa has said that 74 thousand 981km long roads have been laid in rural areas and maintained by local bodies.
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