Kuwait fattest country in the world

Do you know that Kuwait is the fattest country in the world with the highest average body mass index or the BMI. The Men in Kuwait have BMI of 27.5 while the women have a BMI of 31.4. United States comes next followed by Trinidad and Tobago. People from Bangladesh have the lowest BMI - with men at 20.5 and women at 19.8.

Other countries close to the bottom include some which have been riven by war and famine - including Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Eritrea. Indians need not worry much as regards their fat quotient is concerned.

The average Indian Body Mass Index is 21.7 with the men having a BMI of 22 and the women with the BMI of 21.4. These are some of the observations from the latest report published by London based Daily Mail.

The latest data is almost along the similar lines as estimated by the World Health Organization in its 2012 report which estimates that more than 1.6 billion people in the world are either overweight or obese.

According to the study over 74.2 percent people in Kuwait are obese while it comes to around 74 .1 percent in USA. The WHO says a person is overweight if his Body Mass Index is 25 or higher and will be considered obese if his BMI is 30 or higher.
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