Malkhambh declared state sport of Madhya Pradesh

The Madhya Pradesh government has decided to declare Malkhamb as State Sport. It has also decided to start a new scheme called Mission Olympics-2020 for special coaching to selected state’s players to represent the country in Olympics-2020.

Malkhamb is one of the most ancient sports of India. It ensures exercise of every part of body in minimum time.

In view of this the Madhya Pradesh government has decided to declare it as State Sport. Under Mission Olympics-2020 scheme, talented players selected at minimum 9 years of age will be coached.

Services of players of international repute will be availed for each sport. Final selection of 4 male and 4 female players will be made in each sport.

A total of 76 players will be imparted coaching. The selected players will be sent for two months in selected foreign coaching institutions. They will also be sent to selected coaching institutions in the country for one month for high-level coaching.
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