North Korea rejects South Korea’s offer to hold talks

North Korea has rejected an offer from South Korea to hold talks on the future of the joint Kaesong industrial complex amid continued tensions. State media said, Pyongyang called the offer a meaningless act aimed at disguising invasion plans.

North Korea is marking the birth of its founder Kim Il-sung. Such occasions traditionally see shows of military strength and this year it is thought the date could be used for a missile launch.

At this time last year, North Korea launched a rocket with the stated aim of putting a satellite into orbit to mark the 100th anniversary of Kim Il-Sung's birth.

The rocket broke up shortly after take-off. The UN Security Council condemned the launch, which many outside the country saw the launch as an illegal test of long-range missile technology.

North Korea has recently threatened attacks against South Korea and the US, sparking alarm in the region.
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