Kevin Rudd ouster’s PM Julia Gillard as leader of Australia's Labour Party

Kevin Rudd has ousted Prime Minister Julia Gillard as leader of Australia's Labour Party. He won 57 votes in a leadership ballot called by Ms Gillard who received 45 votes. The change comes ahead of an election called for 14 September. Mr Rudd is more popular with voters than Ms Gillard and many believe Labour will perform better in the election under him.

The vote took place three years after Ms Gillard ousted Mr Rudd as Prime Minister in 2010. Ms Gillard had said ahead of the vote that she would step down from politics if she lost the ballot. The vote followed months of speculation over the party's leadership and came after a day of drama that saw Mr Rudd's supporters push for a vote. Ms Gillard must write to Governor-General stating that she is resigning as prime minister before Mr Rudd can be sworn
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