Hazem El-Beblawi named new Prime Minister of Egypt

In Egypt, a leading liberal economist Hazem El Beblawi has been named as the country’s new Prime Minister. He will form a caretaker government comprising of technocrats from different walks of life to steer Egypt through the transitional period. Egyptian State TV also announced that Mohammad El Baradei will be the country's Vice President.

The announcement comes amid a host of names doing the round as the new interim Prime Minister.

Muslim Brotherhood and Gamaa Al Islamiya have rejected the political road map and the timetable announced by the interim Prime Minister, Adly Mansor.

In a gesture of reconciliation, Egypt's Prime Minister designate Hazem el Beblawi has said, he will offer Cabinet posts to the Muslim Brotherhood of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

A Spokesman for El beblawi said, several members of the Freedom and Justice Party, the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, would be invited to join the government.
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