Important Committees: For RBI Exam

1.    Suma Verma Committee - to update, and revise the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006
2.    Damodran Committee: on improvement of customer services in banks 
3.    Shri M. Narasimham Committee: on Banking Sector Reforms
4.    Shri Raghuram Rajan Committee: on Financial Sector Reforms,
5.    Shri B. Mahapatra Committee: to review the existing prudential guidelines on restructuring of advances by banks/financial institutions
6.    Shri Aditya Puri Committee: Dissemination of Credit Information
7.    Shri K.U.B. Rao Committee: recommended aligning gold import regulations 
8.    K M Chandrasekhar committee : for rationalization of foreign investment norms
9.    Shri Pulak Kumar Sinha Committee: to study the feasibility of Aadhaar as an additional factor for authentication of card present transactions
10.  Mukul Mudgal Committee:  looking into US giant Walmart's lobbying activities to enter India
11.  MBN Rao Committee: to prepare the blueprint of India’s first women’s bank
12.  Arvind Mayaram Committee  –for giving clear definitions to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Foreign Institutional Investment (FII),
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