Vice President of India released the book Ziauddin Barni’s Tarikh-I-Firoz Shahi

A book entitled Ziauddin Barni’s Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi brought out by Rampur Raza Library; Rampur (UP) under Ministry of Culture was released on 28 June 2013 by the Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari. The book is a historical publication and would benefit the students and researchers.

Ziauddin Barni belonged to the elite society of medieval India and was able to achieve the status of Secretary (Nadeem) to Sultan Mohammad Bin Tuglaq (1325-51 AD). There are two versions of Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi. The first version appeared in the fifth year of Firoz Shah Tuglaq, the second revised edition in the seventh year. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan edited and published the second version of it in 1866. Rampur Raza Library has published the first version of Tarikh-i-Firoz Shahi in 2013.
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