Current Affairs Test 15

1. Which of the following countries recently signed a ‘Ceasefire agreement’ with ‘Karen Rebels’?
(a) China (b) Libya (c) Myanmar (d) Nepal (e) Egypt

2. Which of the following countries has recently decided to fix the term of the President of the country for 7 years?
(a) Iraq (b) Myanmar (c) Nepal (d) Libya (e) Turkey

3. India recently decided to purchase fighter planes from France. Which of the following is the name of these planes?
(a) Rafale (b) Boeing (c) MiG-35 (d) Lockhead Martin (e) Cassadion

4. India is now declared free from which of the following diseases after a long battle against it?
(a) AIDS (b) TB (c) Cancer (d) Polio (e) All of these

5. India recently decided to give US $ 1.5 million to which of the following countries to establish Vivekanand Chair in one of its Universities?
(a) France (b) Britain (c) Russia (d) Italy (e) USA

6. Which of the following countries is likely to join European Union in the near future ?
(a) Malta (b) Croatia (c) Hungary (d) Kenya (e) South Africa

7. Which of the following schemes is launched by the Govt. of India to develop various facilities in rural areas?
(a) IRDP (b) NHRM (c) PPP (d) Operation Flood (e) None of these

8. Indian coastguard conducted a joint exercise named ‘Sahyog-Kaijin-XI’ with which of the following countries?
(a) Myanmar (b) Russia (c) China (d) Sri Lanka (e) Japan

9. Who among the following won the Thailand Golf Championship held in December 2011?
(a) Lee Westwood (b) Charl Schwartzel (c) Alvaro Quiros (d) Paul Lawrie (e) Peter Hanson

10. India wants a ‘CEPA’ with Thailand – was the news in major newspapers. What is the full form of ‘CEPA’ as used here?
(a) Complete Economic Preference Agreement
(b) Cultural and Economic Partnership Accord
(c) Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement
(d) Cooperation and Economic-Partnership Accord
(e) Complete Economic Partnership and Assistance

11. European Union recently decided to enforce European Stability Mechanism (ESM) w.e.f. July 2012. ESM is a system to achieve / safeguard–
(a) financial stability
(b) political stability
(c) free access to oil reserves in UAE and Kuwait
(d) free access to uranium reserves in Libya
(e) interests of all the members in case of attack by Iran or any other country

12. Kovvada Nuclear Power Plant which was recently in news is being set up in–
(a) Karnataka (b) Andhra Pradesh (c) Chhattisgarh (d) Uttarakhand (e) Odisha

13. Mullaperiyar Dam is built on which of the following rivers?
(a) Tungbhadra (b) Cauvery (c) Krishna (d) Periyar (e) Mahanadi

14. Which of the following countries is not a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC)?
(a) Nigeria (b) Iran (c) Iraq (d) Algeria (e) Bangladesh

15. Which of the following books is written by Steve Waugh ?
(a) Out of My Comfort Zone : The Autobiography
(b) My Life
(c) Wings of Fire
(d) Long Walk to Freedom
(e) Revolutionary Wealth

16. Which of the following organizations/agencies recently issued elaborate guidelines pertaining to the creation of new category of Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFC)-Micro Finance Industries ?
(a) AMFI (b) SIDBI (c) SEBI (d) NABARD (e) RBI

17. Which of the following organizations / agencies coordinates the operations of rural credit institutions in India ?
(a) Reserve Bank of India
(b) Securities and Exchange Board of India
(c) Indian Bank Association
(d) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
(e) Small Industries Development Bank of India

18. Google is–
(a) Virus programme (b) Search engine (c) Website (d) Hardware (e) None of these

19. Which of the following is not a function of the Reserve Bank of India ?
(a) Issuer of currency
(b) Foreign Exchange Management
(c) Bankers to Banks
(d) Listing companies for trading in Stock Exchanges
(e) Bankers and Debt Manager to Govt.

20. Which of the following organizations issued Initial Public Offer (IPO) Norms for Life Insurance Companies?
(a) CRISIL (b) SEBI (c) RBI (d) AMFI (e) IRDA
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