Current Affairs Test 16

1. What is the average annual growth target for 12th five year plan?
A. 7.6%
B. 8.2%
C. 8%
D. 7.8%
E. None of these

2. For the first time in India, Election Commisson has planned to use Voter “Verifiable Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT)”, system in the election of which state?
A. Goa
B. Nagaland
C. Assam
D. Tripura
E. None of these

3. Which of the largest states in India is the largest producer of cotton of the year 2012-13?
A. Maharashtra
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Punjab
D. Gujarat
E. None of these

4. Recently which among the followings companies has launched first White label ATM (WLA) of the country at Chandrapada, a town near Mumbai.
A. Tata Communications
B. Reliance Capital
C. Bajaj Capital
D. Muthoot Finance
E. None of these

5. Which of the following states/UT topped the list of new index on financial inclusion, released by ratings and analytics firm CRISIL?
A. Kerala
B. Puducherry
C. Chandigarh
D. Andhra Pradesh
E. None of theses

6. What is the break-up of the stakes of the centre, the sponsor banks and the state govts respectively in Regional Rural Banks?
A. 35%, 50%, 15%
B. 50%, 35%, 15%
C. 49%, 25, 26%
D. 51%, 39%, 10%
E. None of these

7. What is the size of the borrowing window opened by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) to help crisis –ridden mutual funds?
A. Rs 50,000 cr
B. Rs 35,000 cr
C. Rs 20,000 cr
D. Rs 25, 000 cr
E. None of these

8. What are the ways in which a customer can make payments through banks?
D. Only 2 & 3
E. All of the above

9. Who among the following has been appointed as the New Defence Secretary of India?
A. ShashiKant Sharma
B. Harinder Tyagi
C. Deepak Bhatia
D. R K Mathur
E. S.K. Mishra

10. The first ever national Aviation University of the country, Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University would come up at ____?
A. Rae Bareily
B. Lucknow
C. Amethi
D. Noida
E. None of these
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