Current Affairs Test 17

Q.1 Fourteenth Finance Commission has been constituted by the president of India under the chairmanship of Dr. Y.V.Reddy, former Governor of RBI. Who among the following is not a member of this commission ?
a Prof. Abhijit Sen
b Prof. Sukhadeo Throat
c Dr. M. Govind Rao
d Dr. Sudipto Mundle

Q.2 Recently a term 'Roshni' was in the news. The term is related to -
a Cataract eradication programme
b Skill development and training programme for tribal youth
c Skill development programme for tribal women
d A NGO working for the upliftment of Slum workers

Q.3 Recently a term 'UMEED' is in news. The term is associated with -
a A Scheme for the empowerment of women across Jammu and Kashmir
b A documentary by Amir Khan
c A Fiction by Chetan Bhagat
d An NGO working for the welfare of child labour

Q.4 The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee has permitted field trials in the development of genetically modified .....crops.
a Rice, Maize and Cotton
b Castor and Wheat
c Both 1 and 2
d Neither 1 and 2

Q.5 Union Government has decided to set up Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University at -
a Hyderabad
b Dehradun
c Rae Bareli
d Amethi

Q.6 Indira Gandhi National University for Women is going to be set up as a Central University at-
a Rae Bareli
b Jaipur
c Bhopal
d Kolkata

Q.7 As per the latest estimates of the planning commission the poverty ratio in 2011-2012 in India is -
a 27.9%
b 25.7%
c 13.7%
d 21.9%

Q.8 According to a study by Ministry of Environment, GOI, the loss due to environmental degradation in India is approximately-
a 5.7% of GDP
b 9.3% of GDP
c 10.4% of GDP
d 12.9% of GDP

Q.9 State-wise poverty ratio in 2011-12 was highest in-
a Chhattisgarh(33.93%)
b Jharkhand(36.96)
c Manipur(36.89)
d Arunachal Pradesh(34.67)

Q.10 Which of the state government recently launched the 'Samvridhhi' scheme for sustainable access to development in a bid to ensure financial inclusion of marginalised people of society and provide them with the facilities of direct benefits transfer?
a Rajasthan
b Chhattisgarh
c Madhya Pradesh
d Bihar
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