Q.1 Fourteenth Finance Commission has been constituted by the president of India under the chairmanship of Dr. Y.V.Reddy, former Governor of RBI. Who among the following is not a member of this commission ?
a Prof. Abhijit Sen
b Prof. Sukhadeo Throat
c Dr. M. Govind Rao
d Dr. Sudipto Mundle

Q.2 Recently a term 'Roshni' was in the news. The term is related to -
a Cataract eradication programme
b Skill development and training programme for tribal youth
c Skill development programme for tribal women
d A NGO working for the upliftment of Slum workers

Q.3 Recently a term 'UMEED' is in news. The term is associated with -
a A Scheme for the empowerment of women across Jammu and Kashmir
b A documentary by Amir Khan
c A Fiction by Chetan Bhagat
d An NGO working for the welfare of child labour

Q.4 The Genetic Engineering Approval Committee has permitted field trials in the development of genetically modified .....crops.
a Rice, Maize and Cotton
b Castor and Wheat
c Both 1 and 2
d Neither 1 and 2

Q.5 Union Government has decided to set up Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University at -
a Hyderabad
b Dehradun
c Rae Bareli
d Amethi

Q.6 Indira Gandhi National University for Women is going to be set up as a Central University at-
a Rae Bareli
b Jaipur
c Bhopal
d Kolkata

Q.7 As per the latest estimates of the planning commission the poverty ratio in 2011-2012 in India is -
a 27.9%
b 25.7%
c 13.7%
d 21.9%

Q.8 According to a study by Ministry of Environment, GOI, the loss due to environmental degradation in India is approximately-
a 5.7% of GDP
b 9.3% of GDP
c 10.4% of GDP
d 12.9% of GDP

Q.9 State-wise poverty ratio in 2011-12 was highest in-
a Chhattisgarh(33.93%)
b Jharkhand(36.96)
c Manipur(36.89)
d Arunachal Pradesh(34.67)

Q.10 Which of the state government recently launched the 'Samvridhhi' scheme for sustainable access to development in a bid to ensure financial inclusion of marginalised people of society and provide them with the facilities of direct benefits transfer?
a Rajasthan
b Chhattisgarh
c Madhya Pradesh
d Bihar