Q.1 Olympic 2016 will be held at -
a Rio-de-Jenerio
b Glassgow
c Sochi
d Queen'sland

Q.2 Pongal is famous festival of -
a Karnataka
b Tamil Nadu
c Kerala
d Andhra Pradesh

Q.3 Which deities are worshipped in Badrinath and Kedarnath?
a Krishna and Vishnu
b Shiva and Ram
c Krishna and Shiva
d Vishnu and Shiva

Q.4 M.K.Narayan is Governor of which state?
a West Bengal
b Assam
c Andhra Pradesh
d Gujarat

Q.5 Who among the following is a recipient of Padam Vibhushan for 2013?
a Dr. Kanak Rele
b Sharmila Tagore
c Prof. Yashpal
d Abdul Rashid Khan

Q.6 Unique Identification Authority is headed by -
a Nandan Neilkani
b Kaushik Basu
c Parthasarthi Som
d Dr. Rakesh Mohan

Q.7 Vikram Sarabhai Research Centre is located at -
a Chennai
b Delhi
c Thiruvananthapuram
d Kolkata

Q.8 Jan Lokpal Bill is related to -
a Theft
b Corruption
c Impersonation
d Election

Q.9 Which deities are worshipped in Badminton and Kedarnath?
a Vishnu and Shiva
b Shiva and Ram
c Krishana and Vishnu
d Krishana and Shiva

Q.10 Which country is the largest importer of Gold?
b France
c Germany
d India