Bank officers' body to mark May 1 as 'Demands Day'

The All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC), a national body of banking sector officers, has decided to mark May 1, which is internationally observed as Labour Day, as Demands Day this year.

Specific to the body's demand is the implementation of regulated working hours and five-day-a-week working schedule for the Indian banking industry.

In a statement, the AIBOC said,"The five-day working week will not have any impact on the customer service or any inconvenience to the general public in the midst of technology advancement and enhanced digital delivery of banking services."

The body added that the RBI as well as many of the central/state government offices also work only for five days a week.

AIBOC said it had already represented the matter to the Indian Banks Association, Mumbai, and urged the government to consider its demands.
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