1.   In an earthen pitcher, the water remains cold due to the process of

(a) condensation

(b) evaporation

(c) sublimation

(d) none of the above


2.   Laser is a device for producing

(a)  spontaneous radiation

(b)  dispersed radiation

(c) scattered radiation

(d) stimulated radiation


3.  Pendulum clocks become slow in summer because

(a) days in summer are large.

(b)  of the friction in the coil

(c)  the length of the pendulum increases.

(d)   the weight of the pendulum changes,


4.  Homi Bhabha award is given for special contribution in the field of

(a)  Theoretical Physics

(b)  Nuclear Energy

(c)  Laser Physics

(d) Space Research


5.   Who had proposed for the first time the double helix model of DNA ?

a)  Watson and Crick

b)  Fisher and Haldoni

c) Lam ark and Darwin

d) Hugo de Vries 

6.  The full form of SLM is

a) Subscriber’s Identity Module

b) Subscriber’s Identity Machine

c) Self Identity Machine

d) Self Identity Module


7.   Which of the following gets deficient in tha4iuman body due to Dengue fever ?

a)       Platelets

b)      Haemoglobin

c)       Sugar

d)      Water


8.   The most important part of a computer is/

a)       C.P.U.

b)       Key Board

c)       Disc    

d)      Printer


9.  When ice melts, then the

a.       volume increases

b.      volume decreases 

c.       mass increases

d.      mass decreases


10.  White colour of  milk is due to the presence of

(a) lactose          



(d) caseins

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