SBI PO/Clerk English Quiz on Cloze Test

Day dreaming is often overlooked as a proper dream and …(1)… instead as wandering thoughts.However, the meanings to your nightly dream symbols are also …(2)… to your day dreams. The content in your day dreams are helpful in understanding your true feelings and will help you in …(3)… your goals. Day dreaming is the spontaneous imagining or recalling of various images or experiences in the past or the future. When you daydream, you are accessing your right brain, which is the creative and feminine side of your personality. Worrying about something creates visual images in your brain of the worst outcome that you are imagining and is a form of daydreaming. By repeating these negative images in your mind, you are more likely to make them happen. So the next time you start worrying,try to think of a positive outcome. Positive daydreaming is very healthy and acts as a temporary …(4)… from the demands of reality. It is also a good way to …(5)… built up frustrations without physically acting them out

1. Question
  1. Felt
  2. regarded
  3. thought
  4. determined
2. Question 
  1. present
  2. deceptive
  3. applicable
  4. established
3. Question 
  1. thinking
  2. realize
  3. achieving
  4. holding 
4. Question  
  1. healing
  2. escape
  3. passage
  4. gateway
5. Question  
  1. confirm
  2. demonstrate
  3. release
  4. capture
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