Current Affairs Test 26

1. World's oldest international financial organization is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). It was established on 17 May ........
A) 1919
B) 1966
C) 1930
D) 1945
E) 2014

2. Bank for International Settlements (BIS) head office located at Basel in .........
A) Sweden
B) Switzerland
C) France
D) Italy

3. "International Yoga Day" celebrate on -
A) 5th June
B) 20th June
C) 21st June
D) 22nd June

4. 85th Annual General Meeting of BIS held on 28th June 2015 at .........
A) Berlin
B) Tokyo
C) New Delhi
D) Basel
E) Mexico

5. BRICS summit 2015 held at -
A) Shanghai
C) Rio De janeiro
D) Moscow

6. Revenue deficit in the budget 2015-16 has been estimated at -
A) 3.0% of GDP
B) 2.4% of GDP
C) 2.6% of GDP
D) 2.8% of GDP

7. In budget 2015-16 the target of agricultural credit for the year 2015-16 has been fixed at -
A) Rs. 10.5 lakh crore
B) Rs. 10.0 lakh crore
C) Rs. 8.5 lakh crore
D) Rs. 9.5 lakh crore

8. BIS board of Directors meet continuously for the smooth working of BIS. BIS chairman is ............
A) Christine Legarde
B) Christian Noyer
C) Stephen S Poloz
D) Ignazio Visco

9. BIS has representative office for American nations in .........
B) Mexico
C) Canada
D) Chile
E) Peru

10. A deadly virus suddenly appear in South Korea, the name of that virus is -
A) Ebola
D) Influenza

1. C) 1930
2. B) Switzerland
3. C) 21st June
4. D) Basel
5. B) UFA
6. D) 2.8% of GDP
7. C) Rs. 8.5 lakh crore
8. B) Christian Noyer
9. B) Mexico
10.C) MERS
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