Current Affairs Test 30

1. Who elected as first female President of Taiwan?
a.Annette Lu Hsiu-Lien
b.Yeh Chu-lan
c.Tsai Ing-wen
d.Luo Ying-shay

2. Recently, Russian “Order of Friendship” Award has been conferred upon which of the following Indian to recognize the contribution made in the betterment of relations b/w both nations ?
a.Aliya Mustafina
b.Mrinal Sen
c.Sivathanu Pillai
d.RS Sundar

3.Who has been selected for the 2016 Amnesty International Human Rights Award?
a.Pradeep Hedau
b.Monira Rahman
c.Henri Tiphagne
d.Abel Barrera

4.Which State government on proposed 50 per cent reservation for women in government jobs in the interim budget presented on 1 February 2016?
b.Tamil Nadu
c.Uttar Pradesh
d.West Bengal

5.Who elected to Board of Directors of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)?
a.Satish Chandra Jha
b.Surender Singh
c.Rashmi Verma
d.Dinesh Sharma

6.To which country did the Union Ministry of Shipping exported six metro train coaches on 29 January 2016?
c.New Zealand

7.Which of the following has clinched the Single sculls in Senior Men category during 34th Senior National Rowing Championship ?
a.Sushil Kumar
b.G. Vishnu Prasad
c.Sandeep Kumar
d.Lachhman Singh

8.Who has been conferred with the V Shantaram Life Time Acheivement Award at MIFF 2016?
a.Neelam Singhi
b.Mike Pandey
c.Naresh Bedi
d.Mukesh Sharma

9.Who on 28 January 2016 was appointed as the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities?
a.Vimlesh Kumar Padney
b.Kamlesh Kumar Pandey
c.Satish Kumar Jha
d.Salil Kumar Jha

10.Who won Lady Wigram Trophy motor race?
a.Jehan Daruvala
b.Monisha Kaltenborn
c.Sneha Sharma
d.Shilpa Varma

1. c.Tsai Ing-wen
2. d.RS Sundar
3. c.Henri Tiphagne
4. a.Assam
5. d.Dinesh Sharma
6. a.Australia
7. c.Sandeep Kumar
8. c.Naresh Bedi
9. b.Kamlesh Kumar Pandey
10. a.Jehan Daruvala
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